2017 Huntingdale Super Saturday Schedule

The Senior, Intermediate, Junior Triathlons and the Junior Aquathlons are all also the trials for the Wide Bay School Sport teams. These events will be timed and although not draft legal races, are run under full TA draft legal bike specification rules. Please refer to the rules as provided by TA regarding this.

6:15am-7:15am - Race registration and racking for all school triathlon events

7:00am-8:00am - Race registration for Junior Aquathlon, Have-a-Crack and Mini-Aquathlon

Aquathlon – Transition setup (shoes etc.) will be advised in the morning and happening approximately 8:45am along with race briefing. Please listen for PA announcement

Have-a-Crack racking approx. 9am. Please listen for PA announcement

7:15am - Transition closes

7:30am Senior(17-19), Intermediate (15-16) Triathlon 600/16/4

Swim start Approx 400m East of Enzo's

8:30am Barge2Beach Swim Start - 2km offshore - Finish in front of Enzo's

8:30am Junior(13-14), Urangan SHS Triathlon 400/12/3 

Swim start location approx 250m East of Enzo's

9:15am Junior Aquathlon (11-12) 1/200/1 

Run 1 on road, run 2 on path, finishing at the finish arch

9:45am Have-A-Crack Triathlon 200/8/2

Swim start location approx 100m East of Enzo's

10:30am Mini Aquathlon Beach run, 50m out and back swim, beach run

2:00pm Hog's Hervey Bay 100 Expo opens (Scarness Park)

2:30pm Hog's Hervey Bay 100 race registration opens (Stage at Scarness Park)

5:30pm Hog's Hervey Bay 100 race briefing (note-not compulsory, but all event staff reserve the right to refuse questions that have been addressed in the briefing and/or the athlete information guide)

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
Barge2Beach 2km Swim
This exciting addition to the Hundy weekend is an ocean swim with a difference. Registrations Open May 2018
17 November 2018
Hervey Bay 100
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
Part of the Triathlon Queensland Nissan State Series
Swim 2km - Ride 80km - Run 18km Registrations Open May 2018
18 November 2018

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