HitFM 50

The HitFm Hervey Bay 50 first popped up in 2018 

It is designed as a gateway drug to the full Hervey Bay 100.

The 50 was originally designed to operate on a strictly limited field, giving athletes the Hundy experience, without the commitment to a full 100km long course triathlon. Starting in 2023, the '50' was given its own standing on Hundy Saturday giving athletes the chance to shine on their own day. This will continue in 2024 so you can race Saturday and cheer Sunday, or even take on racing both days and complete the 150!

Saturday 16 November you will take to the Hundy course with up to 500 other athletes, vying for Age Group trophies and glory in front of your friends and family.

You entry fee covers most things the 100 entry fee does excluding the bike aid station. Your race merch included is race bag, hat/visor and a 50 sized beer glass at the Beach House afterwards. 

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
Barge2Beach 2km Swim
Details and entry date coming soon
16 November 2024
Hervey Bay 100 & 50
Scarness Park, Hervey Bay, Queensland
Australia's most picturesque long course triathlon with a half option. Swim,Ride,Run 2/80/18km or 1/40/9km
Hervey Bay 100 (17 November) HB50 (16 November)
16/17 November 2024

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